Most who know Lord Aleem by now know that his true name is Aleem Iqbal, how the number plate of his car resembles Lord and how this inspired his alias. He’s also very rich and loves cars.
It runs in the family. Lord Aleem’s father founded Platinum Executive Travel, a car hiring business. When Lord Aleem was old enough, his father let Lord Aleem participate in running the business.
Unlike his father, Lord Aleem likes to show the world how this business affects his life. He chose the alias Lord, and every car he owns carries this name on the number plate.

Lord Aleem’s story isn’t the typical one where he grew up in poverty and had to work his way up the ladder. He was already born in wealth and was able to live life to the fullest since birth. This was different from his parents who came from Pakistan to the UK. His father was the one who founded the business and made it to what it is today.

This doesn’t mean that Lord Aleem’s life is always without problems. He clearly loves his cars, but recently had one to many confrontations with the police and was banned from driving for 12 months due to speeding. Fortunately, he has a personal driver, but Lord Aleem’s passion runs too deep to be able to enjoy cars without the permission to drive them.
He also likes to share his wealth through charity. Sometimes he even vists Pakistan again to help the local people and victims of war. After these trips, Lord Aleem uses his social media to share his experiences and the stories people have told him. He also likes to share positive and motivating words to his followers about working towards fulfilling your dreams and ambitions.

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